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What is an RSS feed?

RSS feed

RSS is an acronym for Rich Site Summary or Simple Syndication - a service that provides you with the latest updates to the content of the site you've subscribed to, for example, major news headlines, blog content, videos, weather updates, etc. where you can get new content from your favorite sites without having to go to each site separately, the information you get from these sites is called an RSS feed.

The RSS feed is displayed

RSS was introduced around 1999 by Netscape developers Dan Libby and Ramanathan V. Guha. The first version of RSS dates back to March 1999 and was called RSS 0.9. In July 1999, Dan Libby developed a new version of RSS 0.91. In 2002, the New York Times introduced an RSS feed on its site, so Internet browsers added this technology directly to their products. Today we notice that all the most popular websites in the world are equipped with RSS services.

Advantages of using RSS feed

RSS service reduces the time of browsing your favorite sites that you follow constantly, instead of opening more than one site to get pictures, news, or videos, this service allows you to get them in one window on your device that supports this service in seconds, and we can also say that it provides You have the costs of connecting to the Internet.

How does an RSS feed work?

The information from the source is sent via simple text files that the publisher's website sends to a special feed server. Then the RSS feed server, in turn, sends it to the subscribers' screen. It usually takes 30 seconds to 30 minutes for updates to appear to a subscriber of the service.

How to use an RSS feed

To make use of the RSS service, you need a program that can read and display the information sent, and this program is called an RSS reader. The RSS reader updates information automatically, allowing you to get and browse RSS feeds from different sites.

Most of the RSS reader is available for free and is selected depending on your device's operating system. You can subscribe to this service via your Internet browser if it supports an RSS subscription service such as Mozilla Firefox, which can be downloaded from the Mozilla website and the new version of Internet Explorer and Safari.

Versions of the most popular RSS readers

There are many versions available and they can be easily downloaded from the Internet, here are some examples depending on the operating system:

  • Android: Feedly.
  • Feedly: IOS.
  • Windows: (FeedDemon).
  • Via a web browser: (My Yahoo Reader, Google Reader).
  • Macintosh: (Shrook, ReadKit).

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