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What are smart phones?


Smartphones or smart devices are mobile phones that allow users to make voice calls, send text messages, surf the Internet, and run many basic programs that run on computers. It is worth noting that smartphones use a touch screen to interact with users. It is available and has many applications and programs such as personal applications, games, and special programs used in work. The first unofficial smartphone was developed in 1992 by IBM and in 1994 an improved version known as the Simon Personal Communicator was released.

Smartphone functions

Smartphones have several vital features, including:

Operating system:

Smartphones are based on an operating system that allows them to run different applications, for example, iPhones running iOS, BlackBerry phones running BlackBerry, and other devices running Android and Windows.


Applications in smartphones allow many services such as creating, editing, or viewing Microsoft documents, photo editing, and other services.

Internet connectivity:

Smartphones allow access to the Internet very quickly thanks to the growth of the third-generation (3G) and fourth-generation (4G) networks and allowing users to browse different websites.


Smartphones have a keyboard entered in the same order as a computer keyboard.

Send and receive emails:

Smartphones provide the service of sending and receiving emails and managing them via email, as most smartphones support many email accounts.

Advantages of smartphones

Smartphones have many benefits, including allowing users to stay connected through various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and making it easier for users to access email and make video calls, as well as allowing users to surf the internet anywhere in the house. Or in the office, in the car, in parks, or otherwise.

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