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What are the hosting companies and types of hosting?

Hosting companies are those companies that specialize in creating your website whether it is entertainment, commercial, or personal, i.e. regardless of what the site is and its purpose.

Criteria for choosing a hosting company:

There are criteria to consider when you want to build and configure your website, including:

  • It is necessary to determine the type of hosting for your website, there are many types of hosting whether it is free hosting, shared hosting, or virtual hosting, so the selection process depends on the nature of the goal to be achieved by creating the website and requesting cooperation with the hosting company.
  • The provision of direct customer support by hosting companies must be considered to increase the competitive advantage over competitors as well as work to increase the customer base, and here lies the importance of searching for well-meaning companies.
  • It is necessary to ensure the credibility of the company that will do this, and therefore there must be a formal contract with all the contractual and mandatory conditions of the company in terms of maintenance, customer service, and follow-up to prevent any errors that would occur during hosting, and that there is a penalty clause in case of violation of the terms of the contract.

How do you benefit from these companies:

To create a website, this process goes through stages, including the first contract with a bona fide hosting company that is known for its accuracy, high accuracy, and protection against piracy, so these companies are intermediary platforms between your website and the Internet, and without them, you cannot have an effective presence on the Internet. Internet.

Hosting Companies Earnings:

Hosting companies offer their services to everyone, individuals or companies, by providing them with their IP address on the Internet, thus they are secured against piracy.

These companies offer their services to configure your site to function effectively on the Internet in terms of server name and domain for a specified amount that does not exceed six dollars.

Easily choose one of those companies like “Joe Daddy” for example, but not only, and search for the domain name available to you within those platforms, it gives you more options. Some companies offer these services. Free.

Guarantee of work and online presence:

Everyone wants to make sure that their site is always online and thus most of these companies provide this service by making sure that you are always online.

Availability of technical support and follow-up:

It is necessary to ensure that the hosting company always provides you with full technical support to ensure that the site continues to operate throughout the year, so the company should always be available to answer all inquiries and solve all technical issues.

Hosting types:

There are many types of hosting offered by these companies:

Free hosting:

It is a free advertisement that offers customers to get acquainted with the hosting features and get to know them closely, but in return, there is no protection during that period for data and the storage space is small and does not prevent annoying ads, in addition to e-mail, it is within the limits of reception and transmission but for a limited period for promotion and experimentation.

Shared hosts:

Since your hosting is placed with many other hosts on the same server, some resort to it for its low price compared to other types of hosting, but in return, it has drawbacks, including the fact that the site can cause a lot of problems due to those sites working together in The same time and a high number of visits, which affects the speed and quality of the site.

Virtual Private Server:

This server is suitable for website owners who do not have many visitors, as it is an intermediate link between dedicated and shared hosting since the main server inside is divided into several virtual servers, so each site has its server.


It acts as an intermediary between the server and the hosting user, thus allowing someone to give free hosting to others or pay for it, as they are a distributor for that service, but the powers are limited, as they cannot give greater hosting. Others host spaces because it is unable to reach the master server.

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