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The meaning of CPT in shipping

CPT in shipping is a word among a variety of terms used in many international business activities, and it is one of the most important terms used in business and used in a style in many countries, and in general, it is between the seller and the buyer, and this matter constitutes a practice and it is usually very important during The process of shipping and shipping, and these terms reserve the rights of the persons with whom they are dealt, and all the agreements contained therein are specific and clear.

In addition, this term is applied in many areas, and this includes the process of delivering the goods to the buyer, who bears full responsibility for the service in terms of import, export, and customs clearance, which must be followed in all matters and those terms were issued by the Chambers of Commerce several years ago.

The meaning of CPT in shipping

Here is a summary of the meaning of CPT in the shipment: It is the shipment that was paid in the case of naming the port of destination, which the seller pays for the goods arriving at the destination point, in this case, the risk is passed to the buyer because he received the goods by the first carrier, there are some terms and policies Applicable to the work, which will be mentioned in this article.

The seller pays the financial fees related to the process of transporting the goods, which arrive from one place to another, in which case the goods transferred to the place of the recipient are delivered through the first carrier, which is the main carrier. Transporter. In this case, the supplier does not bear any responsibility for such goods. Terms The transportation and shipment process depends on a set of basic terms and conditions of work.

CPT Terms of Shipping

There are some obligations imposed on the seller and the buyer in this term, for example, the work of the export customs declaration is applied to the seller, the work of transporting to the export port is applied to the seller, and the work of unloading trucks at the export port of the seller, the task of loading the port container to the seller, and the task of sea transport is In this term to the seller.

The insurance activity is one of the activities that apply to the buyer, unloading in the port is one of the activities applied to the goods, the loading of shipments at the port is agreed upon between the seller and the buyer, and the transportation process in which the buyer is responsible for customs clearance of all import work, taxes are applied to the buyer, Therefore, everyone should know these terms and conditions to clarify the work and its ease in all works.

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