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How to sell handmade masks on Etsy

Currently, many shoppers are focusing on buying the things they need to help their families in these difficult times. They may turn to Etsy for these products, especially cloth face masks.

Follow Etsy platform best practices:

You can sell handmade masks on Etsy, but there are some best practices you should follow. When you list the masks, buyers will see a note on the page telling them they are not medical. You should be transparent about the masks you sell. Here's what you need to know:

Make no medical or health claims about your masks:

Etsy policy prohibits information that a product prevents, treats, or cures a serious medical condition or disease. You should not make any medical or health claims about your products, even if you think they are true. This is why you should avoid mentioning the coronavirus anywhere on the pages of the masks you sell. Do not use this language anywhere on sales pages or mention it in the title, description, or product images. Buyers can mark and remove listings of medicinal products from the site. Individuals who provide this medical information on an ongoing basis may be suspended.

View other useful product information:

For example, masks can be washable or reversible. These features can grab the attention of buyers.

Follow Etsy's policy on handmade products:

To sell homemade masks on the Etsy platform, the masks must comply with their handmade policy, which states that products must be handcrafted and designed and cannot be resold.

Product Photography:

Good product images show what's for sale and show product features and quality.

Buyers should have all the information they need to feel confident in purchasing, including details of size, color, and texture. Since face masks are wearable, try to show every detail of the mask.

List of essential items:

  • An easy-to-read descriptive title filled with relevant keywords.
  • Multiple images to display your product in different ways.
  • A comprehensive list of descriptions that answer buyers' questions: How do they wear a mask? Can it be washed? How should they take care of him? What materials is it made of?

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