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How does the computer work

The main task of the computer is to process the data that comes to it from the user and extract it through one of the data output tools available through this device.

Power access to computer components

A computer, like any other electronic device, needs to be connected to a power source to function and start working. When you plug it into a power source and press the power button, the device converts the alternating current it gets from the power source. In a constant current through which the various parts of the computer are fed with the right amount of voltage and electricity, and when this happens without the power supply reporting any errors, it sends signals to the motherboard and processor to clear the data remaining in the device Memory is registered and the CPU is ready to execute commands input and processing.

self-strength test

A power-on self-test (POST) is performed after ensuring that all computers receive the appropriate power to use, this is done automatically and sequentially by the computer to ensure that the main components of the machine are working properly and then the memory (64 bytes) containing the time and date is activated. The system is in addition to all the information about the hardware installed on it, as the computer starts downloading that information, then checks it and compares it with the system settings in which the device is running, and if this information is correct and compatible with the operating system, the basic drivers through which the hardware devices are connected The computer is connected and the CPU.

Then, what is known as the Basic Input / Output System, which is referred to for short (BIOS), begins to function; It starts by identifying the nature of the boot process happening through the device and making sure that it is a normal boot process or just a reboot and after verifying that the boot process is a boot process for the normal booting of the device a self-start test (Post) is back to work; The RAM on the device is tested, then signals are sent to the optical drive and hard disk to inform them, and finally the operating system running on the device starts to load.

OS Download

Follow the process of verifying that the hard drive is working properly on your computer. It starts by loading the operating system on the device through what is known as bootstrap, which is a small program through which the operating system is loaded into memory and allowed to start, and through it, small programs are created whose task is to organize the work and interaction between the computer’s subsystems and the applications on it, and the boot loader By setting up the memory partitions containing the operating system, applications, and user information, and after the bootloader completes its work, the operating system begins to work through the computer until it becomes the device's controller.

Data processing

The process of entering data into a computer follows the processing stage to become the form of useful information that can be used and understood by humans and the data processing process is defined as a series of actions that the central processing unit (CPU) performs when it receives commands from the user when the user issues a specific command using Programs installed on the computer, these commands are stored in the machine in the form of strings of binary numbers in the form of a set of symbols (0,1), and each string of these codes is known as a byte.

The control unit (CU) inside the CPU retrieves these commands for decoding; This is done by dividing them into important parts and then processing them. These commands are processed through the Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) if these commands are complex arithmetic operations. In the last step of the data processing process, they are rewritten again and directed to the device memory for use by the program The data was sent through it.

data output

The process of data processing by the CPU results in what is known as the output, which is the main reason for using the computer, and the forms of output that are produced through the computer are varied, as they can be words, numbers, or even graphics, and the process of data output occurs after processing by the computer Through the so-called output devices, which are devices used to send information from the computer to the user or another device: these devices receive the processed data to convert it into a visual, audio or even physical copy. The output devices include:

  • the screen.
  • Amplifiers.
  • printers.

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