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Cryptocurrency mining is the best way to earn money

Indeed, mining operations have increased in recent months, and there is an increasing demand for dealing with digital currencies, because their trade is carried out in complete secrecy and it is difficult to track or stop their activity, as mining operations are carried out through a chain called Blockchain, and therefore each operation has its record that is secret so that the Log every transaction in this log without anyone controlling or hacking. The term mining aims to document the exchange process in logs.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a database of millions of private records for recording mining operations, so the blockchain is a mining server, so all mining operations are organized and recorded within the records, where it is difficult. - To solve arithmetic operations to encrypt records.

Blockchain use:

It is the best way to protect any database from theft or tampering, and therefore has many uses in more than one business, including keeping records owned by any individual and being compromised or damaged, as well as in the healthcare field of logging. All patient data but the popularity of Blockchain comes from Bitcoin in cryptocurrency mining, it is the basis of Bitcoin as well as the rest of the other currencies.

What is the extraction process?

The process of documenting any activity that occurs on those digital currencies, or buying or selling between individuals, and therefore the mining process takes place when every activity on those currencies is recorded in the digital records within the Blockchain responsible for the mining process, saving all the data and ensuring its confidentiality.

Mining server hardware:

Initially, it was possible to mine from a personal computer, but now this is no longer available, as this very complex and secret process requires computers with certain specifications that run 24/7 without interruption and thus consume a large amount of power.

Despite the high cost of the mining process, we find that many companies put these devices within the spaces designated for them to start mining operations and brought the latest devices for that process on the basis that their return is large, so they get the commission or the percentage of each operation that is within the matrix, Either in buying or selling. But as the number of servers increases and the number of servers decreases, the profit rates are higher, but if the number of servers is greater than the demand rate, the prices will be low. Therefore, the mining process evaluates a complex process based on three parts: “money, seller, and buyer” where the process is recorded inside the Blockchain and called mining based on the solution of an equation called a hash.

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