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What is the importance of e-government

The term e-government is a term that refers to the technological revolution in the field of public administration, and to achieving the highest levels of citizens' satisfaction with all public administration services provided to them, and at the same time, it is the same. The term "e-governance" is evidence of transparency in providing services, integrity, and impartiality, avoiding administrative bureaucracy and corruption, improving service quality, and measuring citizens' satisfaction with the process of administrative development in the provision of public services.

There is great importance behind e-government:

The e-government is considered one of the main factors in the economic mechanisms of developing countries because they discover their capabilities and themselves in their field of work, and therefore the e-government is nothing but a real revolution in the world. The world of government services. Improving the quality of life within marginalized groups In the past, it was difficult to reach these groups, provide them with all services, involve them in political life, and provide them with full support, except through the media and the Internet.

Information 24 hours a day

The offer of government service has become available 24/7, for both citizens and businessmen, thanks to modern technologies. It made information available around the clock and made those services and information available. All you have to do is enter the electronic portal, choose the list related to government services, and choose the service you want to complete or the required information you are looking for. This portal has established the link between all government departments in one form.

It has become an opportunity for people to earn enough income by providing data and statistics to e-government to display on online platforms in exchange for sums of money.

Promote the spirit of sharing

The e-government has helped to enhance the spirit of participation and involves everyone in political and social life, and to know the reactions and their satisfaction with all the services provided by the government, as well as to enhance the principle of transparency.

Transparency, good governance, and accountability are the main pillars upon which the idea of ​​e-government is based in providing its services.

E-governance has helped increase employee productivity within governments and has simplified public spending to expand transaction processing and open the door to administrative corruption.

Simplification and clarity of procedures

E-government helps to create the best environment for work by simplifying and clarifying procedures, thus increasing the country's productivity and positive interaction between the government and the private sector, which is reflected in the rates of attracting investments within countries.

Raising the level of operational efficiency of all government departments through e-government transaction procedures.

The ease of exchanging information and data is one of the best features of e-governance

Therefore, it gave every citizen the right to access information at any time.

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