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Tips for securing electronic banking accounts

There are many important things that you should pay attention to and take all necessary precautions. In this article, we will mention the most important tips for protecting electronic banking accounts so that they do not fall prey to fraudsters, fraudsters, and the like.

Use of email.

Using a Gmail account is one of the most powerful and best that we can use when registering for electronic bank accounts, and it is recommended to use it when creating any bank account you can easily secure your Gmail email account by linking this account to your mobile phone and you can log in through your phone safely, so You will be contacted on your mobile for any issue or the like, and if your account is hacked or stolen, the hacker will only be able to access your account after that. Enter the verification code that Google sends to the mobile phone connected to Gmail and the phone.

Undercover Login or New Identity:

The Internet gives us many browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox a new system by logging in through the hidden browser or using any other means such as using a different IP address which is an important means of security and they will not be able to hack, and this method is provided by electronic banks as a backup medium to protect the accounts of their customers.

Do not save login data on the browser:

Many browsers give us a very important option that should not be underestimated, which is the icon and the ability to save the login data represented in the password, e-mail, and username, and this option is very good, especially when entering the forums and sites that you frequent and are not documented, so it is better not to save the data, it is an important way to protect electronic bank accounts.

Use a very strong password:

Your password in e-banks must be so strong that it is difficult for a hacker to guess it or access it in any way, e-banks have a strong password.

Storing electronic banking data in its record:

Always try to save this data on an external card or a special agenda and do not save it to a computer program or document, it should only be saved to an external card or agenda because by hacking your computer you will lose all your data, Commercial banks use Bencode or Secure ED and Master K to make money transfers and must be stored away from computers.

Use CCleaner:

This program is considered a genius and is very important to protect electronic banking accounts and one of the necessary and important programs to delete the history, history, and all data saved on the browser.

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