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Learn to invest in stocks

How to learn to invest in stocks By investing in general, we mean deferring or deferring the spending process for a certain period and thus a certain value is sacrificed for a future value that can be higher or lower.

How to buy shares:

To enter the world of buying and selling stocks, you have to do so according to several criteria that must be considered before buying and selling stocks:

Research and investigation:

It is one of the important points of the mechanism of entering the world of stocks and starting to buy and invest, and it is the journey of searching for information about the company you want to buy shares in, ensuring its reputation and financial position, and all that. Its current and future projects, the company's growth plan, and the company's position in the market are difficult to achieve, but they are essential to the mechanism of buying and starting investment.

Study and follow-up of the company:

Every investor, whether he is a novice in the field of stocks or has long or medium-term experience in the field of investing in stocks, should follow and study the market conditions as a whole and the company's share of these developments. As well as following up on all that is said about it, rumors, newly announced plans, or mergers, all these factors will affect the stock's strength, up and down.

Choosing the right brokerage firm:

One of the most important pillars in the field of stocks is that you do not have enough experience to enter this sector, as well as the ability to evaluate those stocks offered on different stock exchanges locally and internationally. He must have a great deal of experience in this field and must be credible and professional in explaining to clients all investment opportunities in the field of stocks, whether buying or selling, and that company gets a specific commission for each sale and purchase, whether it is an intermediary company or the bank in this process.

Understanding the type of investment:

It is necessary to be aware of the type of investment in the shares that you have purchased, as there are shares of a special nature, that is, the return on investment in them is long-term, and therefore it is not a good idea to rush into it. Selling and disposing of this type of stock, there are types of stocks with medium or short-term returns, so you need to understand the nature of these stocks well and know when the return is appropriate, the expected risk rate, and whether to do it. Venture into investing in these stocks with more or less risk.

Market ups and downs:

The process of market decline leads to a decrease in share prices, but it is not negative in all cases, but at the same time it is an advantage for other companies as the value of their shares increases on different stock exchanges and an advantage for others who buy in these conditions at low prices and make acquisitions. The rise in the market leads to an increase in the value of shares, and this may be due to high economic growth rates, high corporate profits, new mergers, or a positive outlook on the current financial situation of the country, in addition to the numerous purchases from abroad.

How to buy shares:

For all those wishing to enter the world of stocks and the stock market, they should resort to specific and well-known platforms for this investment:

Business subscription:

Here if the company reaches a certain level of capital, based on which it becomes a joint-stock company, and therefore has the right to offer its shares for public subscription, whether they are natural persons, companies, or foreigners. Their subscription, whereby joint-stock companies use this offer or subscription to jointly raise the capital of the company and the shareholders. Brokerage companies: Through these specialized companies, you can contract with them to help you in the buying process and take all the advice when selling or buying in return for a certain percentage that you get for each transaction.

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