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Fields that did not stop working during epidemics

Working in times of epidemics One of the immediate preventive measures taken by many governments during the outbreak of the epidemic is to close all activities considered non-essential, to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Home delivery app

This led to the immediate closure of many businesses that we benefit from daily, with coffee shops and clothing stores among the hardest hit. Among the activities considered essential during the current crisis are the foodstuffs that people need daily. In response to fears of a complete lockdown, consumers are increasingly hoarding food and taking advantage of home delivery options. Grocery delivery app downloads have increased by a large percentage and are on the rise. These apps provide a fast and flexible business opportunity to get extra cash for those who want to create an app to order and deliver food to their doorstep.

Online distributors

Online retail sites have seen a massive increase in sales around the world, largely due to anxious residents trying to avoid leaving their homes and getting close to people, so they are buying from online stores. In response to this increase in online activity, Amazon has announced a plan to hire 100,000 new full- and part-time employees. The upward trend of e-commerce presents an opportunity for people who are looking for work right now, in the short term.

Pharmacies and drug stores

Many headlines circulated on websites and news channels about the widespread shortage of face masks used to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Working in a Time of Pandemic With a growing concern for personal health, many medical centers and pharmacies are looking for new staff to help keep pace with the massive demand for medicines.

fast food restaurants

Not everyone can be a professional chef. This lack of culinary expertise, especially for those who live far from their families, is why many governments allow delivery restaurants to continue operating. This provides lucrative job opportunities for those looking for work, as some restaurants need chefs to prepare the food.

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